The BIrthday Blurrr

birthdays, baking, blogging, bovines and boars!
not sure which swine visited here...but it hit our youngest daughter the day after my sweet husband's 45th birthday...we just happened to be out on a double date (photo coming soon) 'eat seared cow flesh'...I believe were james' exact words...we happened to make a grocery store stop on the way home and loaded up on some glad we did because the little piglet left rudy with fever, nausea, sore throat, headache, cough and exhaustion. guess you could shake those symptoms up in a bag 10 times and come up with a different 'flu' each time. she was such a good little patient though and stayed very hydrated! the poor child began eating saltines (a total of 3 stacks to be exact), then she graduated to toast (more than half a loaf of bread I'm sure), and now is wanting sour and non sour gummy worms (I believe at last count this evening the total was 4 bags)!!! I believe she's on the mend...but the tiredness just lingers on.....

throw into the past weekend, a failed attempt to chaperone my daughter and others competing from her school to the all-region tryouts an hour away...I was able to make it there at a later time....just in time to catch up on the days happenings and to hear the results!!!...(announced one at a time, by voice part, in a cafeteria full of anxious kids that had been at this school for at least 9 or 10 hours----on a saturday!) but all of shelby's hard work paid off...she made 2nd chair for the all-region choir (concert will be in november)...her hard work is not over though...making the choir qualifies her to go to the next level----pre/area...if she makes that, she will qualify for area...if she makes area, she's made one of the all-state choirs! I hope she stays confident and relaxed and just continues to work hard (p.s.- she made the all-state choir last year!)...and our oldest daughter melody made it to area last year as well...which leads me to another birthday! melody's 19th birthday has officially begun! let the parades and parties begin!!!!! I'm thinking we'll probably be enjoying her favorite bday meal for dinner.......roast with potatoes and carrots cooked 'with it'....and who knows what dessert will be....we'll let that be a surprise!
squeezed into all of this was a monthly bday celebration at my mother-in-laws...for paw paw's 70th, james' 45th, and melody's 19th...(was michael included in that too? hmm) 'all-region' travelers barely made it...but after all, we were bringing the cake-if not, everyone would have left! :) there was a house FULL of mimi's offspring...and mimi had cooked so much incredible food it was insane!

around here, there's 'spring' cleaning going on and a painted floor treatment about to commence as well (no more carpet! yay! boo to berber! boo!) oh, and then there's our payin' jobs too...just not enough hours in the day! (now I REALLY sound old!)...goodnite!

Our Family Vacation to Florida

the title, because everyone kept saying
'when am I gonna get to be in THE BOOK'

the exact spot in new orleans that I received the infamous phone call from my boss saying
'all you need is a big chief tablet and a box of crayons!'

REALLY needing some coffee when we hit mobile!

wow, craziness going into destin...the usual saturday thing for the rental folks!

daughter shel's drawing of breakfast (mimi's 'homemade' oatmeal)

shel's 'pet'

mimi tossin' in some 'sssrimp' into her homemade gumbo...
with rudy, caitlyn and aidan lookin' on!

and yes, he marched to the beach...across scenic hwy a kilt, to play the bagpipe on the beach at was pretty cool!

our good friend ronnie, a fireman, AND bagpipe genius!

hope my 'snoodyville' sign doesn't offend anyone...seaside beach was AMAZING...but it just didn't seem too friendly...with the exception of the bookstore....hopefully it was the crowds of 'other vacationers' :) that gave it the unfriendly vibe and NOT the locals of seaside
...because it was TOO COOL!

this pic is a bit out of order...but it's of rudy, trying to pack it all back up!

the sugar shak @ rosemary beach....think I could live there for sure!

well, you have to be blood kin to hear 'the story'...that, or either
go on a family trip with us! ha! and, brandon is the only one that can tell it....
AND pawpaw has to be present...because he likes it more and more
each time he hears it!

brandon got a splinter....andrew got it out...wooo! (it was tiny, tho)

a day trip to the AMAZING naval museum in pensecola!!!

let's just say one day isn't enough to see this incredible place, seriously!

my best friend and love of my life for 24 years!

james, literally asked shel to open the door while we went into the tunnel
in mobile bay to 'see what it sounded like'...and when she did, she heard someone
way ahead of us hollering, 'wooo, hooo!'

note to self, you CAN drive the length of bourbon street, hmmm, interesting.

ended up driving the LENGTH of bourbon street....
all because we wanted some coffee and a beignet! thankfully,
it was only 4 in the afternoon...but we still had to make rudy close her eyes
numerous times!
a traffic jam because of a GATOR in the road as we went thru
baton rouge!!!!!

flipped pic of rudy sayin' goodbye to florida :(

ike, the cat...INCREDIBLY happy to see us (shelby)


we seem to have had a bit of rain relief today...but I must say a few days in a row of it has been nice! it seems to make us slow down and rest ---which we never seem to do in this fast paced merry-go-round of a life. (but, to see the sun and a bit of blue sky today was a real treat as well!)

I should apologize to some who might see this and may have had it up to their eyeballs in seeing crayon drawings of our daily life...(I should have posted those when I first began this blog)....but life is crazy sometimes...and things get a big mixed up~

so, time to run for now...revved up tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches to consume, homework help, a bit of laundry AND I should see what 'the haydenator' has been up to today...ta ta!
a drawing I did yesterday on my day 'off' :D

Labor Day Camping

rudy...checkin' out the campsite!

jason...on the fishin' pier

our family...coolin' off our feet in the waters of caddo after a short hike~

Simple Beginnings

Wow, a BLOG?! I can remember first hearing that word and learning what it meant! And here I am...a 40 something year old, semi-competent on a computer, mom of 3 redheaded girls, living in an amazing digital age that offers SO much there just aren't enough hours in the day to see or learn it all.......yet we long for those comforting things of our childhood as well...sitting in a lawn chair under a huge oak tree on a hot summer day shelling peas.....a homemade pie cooling on the counter or coming home from church and before you can even get into the house, the smell of roast cooking, mmmmm......I feel deeply that we must pass on to our children (and the next generation) these simple things as well.
I've been very blessed to have been born and raised by a Proverbs 31 mother! She was truly a Martha Stewart and then some! She was a seamstress, an amazing cook, decorator and craftperson. During my early married life, I had the privilege of working with her when she owned a tea room and taught folk art painting classes....I was able to learn many of her secrets! I also get all of my 'stirring' skills from my dad....(who is a great cook as well), but would make my mother crazy sometimes lifting lids, peeking and stirring in every pot!
I was also influenced in my early married life by Public Television.......I would faithfully watch Julia Child and Jeff Smith...they played a HUGE part in showing a more 'professional' or 'advanced' way of cooking - before the days of Food Network and HGTV for sure!!!
And here we a wonderful age as well.....SO many talented people....I stumbled upon the blog of Bakerella several months ago and have been inspired once again to bake....the Etsy website has inspired (or intimidated) the creative part of me.....
On our recent trip to Florida for our summer vacation I was led to create an illustrated book of each days events. It was spawned from my music minister boss saying that instead of photos, we should just let each family member 'draw' a picture for the day....because after all....'all you need is a big chief tablet and a box of crayons!'........and so 'big chief designs' was birthed.....I am now working on a 'comic' style book for my great nephew - as the 'haydenator'! Who knows where that will lead........
God has been so incredibly gracious to have given me and my family such gifts and talents! It is not only therapeutic, but incredibly fun!